SÂMATA Foot scrubs & Body Scrub

Our scrubs are made in Cambodia with 100% pure Kampot sea salt, wild honey, tamarind, turmeric and other soothing ingredients. They are inspired by centuries-old, traditional Cambodian recipes.

Salt softens the skin, re-mineralizes the body, relieves fatigue and eliminates toxins.

Lime essential oil revives the skin, tea tree is antiseptic and antifungal, sandalwood nourishes the skin

SÂMATA Body Mask & Facial Mask

Made in Cambodia, using 100% pure and natural products such as clay, seaweed, ponleï, turmeric, and others.

These products are available on request in both spa and retail sizes.

SÂMATA Mosquito Repellent Body Spray

Balanced with 100% pure and natural essential oils known for their insect repellent action, they are a perfect natural Mosquito repellent. Also acts as an analgesic for Mosquito and insects bites.

SÂMATA body gels

Balanced with 100% pure and natural essential oil, green tea infusion or Witch Hazel floral water. Will not dry the skin.

Anti Fluid Retention

Invigorating gel that stimulates the circulation and reduces fluid retention

Body Sculpt

Helps in the reduction of cellulite deposits, stimulates blood circulation