Owner and expert Jean Claude Dhuez collaborates with new and established spas on a wide range of needs—including design, service, and product recommendations as well as staff training. All of these areas work together to enhance customer satisfaction and spa reputation, providing the framework for a successful business. By hiring a professional, with more than 25 years of massage therapy experience, the most stressful parts of spa development will be taken care of.

Recommended services include:

  • Spa menu design (understanding and implementing the best types of massage treatments and products for your specific clientele).
  • Recruiting, testing, and training staff or upgrading existing staff’s skills in massage therapy, aromatherapy (from basic to advance level), and spa management.
  • Interior design to create a balanced and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Creating custom-blended spa products with Sâmata’s aromatherapy expert.

If you would like to work with Jean Claude, please send an email to info@samatahealthwellness.com or call (855) 12 802 725.