Pilates is a form of full body healing that uses core strengthening as its medicine. Creator Joseph H. Pilates recognized the importance of core stability more than a century ago and his technique still thrives today. The system of exercises are  designed to improve muscle tone and endurance in the legs, arms, abdominals, hips and back as well as improve core stability, postural alignment, flexibility, breathing, balance and coordination.

Our modern-day life destabilizes our core by weakening those muscles due to under use and sedentary lifestyles. By focusing on those core muscles, this system of exercises can be used to alleviate chronic pain and prevent future injuries. It is also a challenging workout focusing on building abdominal strength first, differentiating it from yoga; however, the two can be used as a complimentary combination therapy.

Our Pilates instructor:

Libby (Basics Pilates), Maite (All level Pilates), Maggi (Remedial Pilates)

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